How to Make Wooden Furniture for a Playhouse


A playhouse is a magical space for children who view it as their own little world where they can pretend and dream without adult interruption. But a playhouse, just like a real house, needs something inside. Furnishings in just the right size for the children playing complete the space.

Step 1

Find or create designs that are age and size appropriate. Playhouse furniture should be simple, sturdy and the right size for the children who are using it. Reference furniture designs for the right measurements for child-sized tables, desks, chairs and other pieces. You can either use those plans or design your own using those dimensions for reference.

Step 2

Use wood that is sturdy but light, such as pine or oak, to create the furniture. Look for pieces of lumber that are straight, not warped, and avoid those with large knot holes as they can become weak spots in the furniture with continued wear.

Step 3

Create the furniture by cutting the pieces using your design patterns and measurements, then attach the individual parts of each piece of furniture using nails or wood screws. Be sure that the heads of the nails or screws are embedded into the lumber, so they don't stick out where they can cause injuries to little fingers.

Step 4

Paint with non-toxic paint. See Resources below for a link to non-toxic paint. Use colors that the children who will be using the play house enjoy. Children often enjoy brighter colors than many adults. If you're not sure, ask for their opinion. Use at least two coats of paint on each piece of furniture. You can also use stencils and a complementary paint color to add decorative motifs or a child's name to individual pieces of furniture.

Things You'll Need

  • Pine or oak lumber

Who Can Help

  • Non-toxic paint from Mythic Paints
  • Playhouse furniture and plans
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