Woodworking Gifts to Make for Men


Woodworking is a hobby and artistic craft medium that has been popular for centuries. Because there is so much you can do with wood, wooden crafts are ideal for gift giving. Gifts made from wood can be enjoyed and handed down through generations. When it comes to giving woodworking gifts, you are limited only by your imagination. Here are some useful ideas for woodworking gifts you can give the men in your life.

Woodworking Tools

Some of the tools necessary for making wood gifts include a carving knife, sandpaper, wood stain and acrylic paint. These items are sufficient for simple woodworking. A wood lathe might be required if you want to work on projects that require wood turning. Wood choice depends upon the projects you want to do. Balsa and pine are easy carving woods. Mahogany and cherrywood are ideal for decorative purposes, but harder to carve.


A custom toolbox for work or a tackle box for leisure are two excellent woodworking gift ideas for men. A fishing pole made from bamboo with a handmade wooden reel makes an attractive gift any fisherman will enjoy. The reel can be made from just about any kind of wood and is easy to make with wood-turning tools. To make the reel look especially nice, engrave it with designs. Consider making balsa or driftwood floaters or a fishing pole rack carved from pine. An ideal gift for a hiker is a wood spirit walking stick. Wood spirits are half human and half weather element designs you can carve into a stick found in the woods (see Resources).

Home and Office

Office decor made from polished mahogany or cherrywood makes an elegant and functional gift. Consider a wooden paperweight carved into the shape of something the recipient enjoys. You can also add a matching pen and pencil holder, picture frame, and a business card holder to complete the set. A walnut pipe holder for a pipe smoker makes an attractive gift, especially if you leave the bark on for a more natural look.

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