Uses of Mahogany Wood


Mahogany is one of the most versatile of all hardwoods and is used in some of the most elegant woodworking designs. Mahogany grows throughout Africa and South America, and can grow as high as 200 feet tall. African mahogany is harder to work with than its South American cousin, but provides the same beautiful finish.

South American Mahogany Writing Pens

Mahogany has been a secret of wood turners for years. South American mahogany, also called Caoba wood, has straight interlocked grains with a rich reddish-brown color, making for an elegant pen when finished with a high-gloss polish. Keep lathe tools razor sharp when turning the mahogany pen blanks, due to the interlocking grain. Dull tools will cause a rough surface with chip-outs.

African Mahogany Drop-Front Desk

African mahogany creates striking panels, due to the rich grain designs, and strong legs, based on the density of the grain direction. The mahogany drop-front desk makes an excellent piece of furniture which will become not only a family heirloom, it also will be a conversation piece every time someone stops to admire the elegant finish. To keep the mahogany from drying out, apply a coat of Tung oil every 90 days.

Mahogany Wooden Screws

Handmade wooden screws replace metal screws and nails in natural organic furniture. Long hardwood handmade screws form the basic construction of antique and custom wood clamps. Mahogany is a wonderful hardwood to use in creating wooden screws used to construct the above drop-front desk.

Custom Mahogany Yachts and Boats

Wooden ships went the way of the steam engines in the 20th century; however, mahogany is excellent for yachts and small boats. African mahogany works best for constructing the exterior of the boat due to its interlocking grain. Tight grain hardwoods are not as susceptible to water damage or seepage as other woods. Yacht makers use South American mahogany in the interior designs. Its deep rich reddish color creates an elegant look and feel when surrounded by shiny brass fittings.

Mahogany Handcrafted Pool Cues

Both African and South American mahogany is a wonderful hardwood to use in creating custom pool cues. Again, the tight, straight interlocking grain keeps the cue straight and strong. Using South American mahogany allows for easy custom carving or inlays in the butt of the cue stick.

Different Names for Mahogany

African mahogany is also known as Khaya, Nigerian, Benin, Lagos, Ghana and Ivory Coast mahogany. South American mahogany is also known as; Caoba, Acajou, Central American, Honduras, Peruvian, Brazilian, Costa Rican and Nicaraguan mahogany depending on the country of origin.

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