How to Replace an Entry Door


Replacing an entry door can improve your home greatly. A new door can bring more light to a room, and it can save on utility costs by providing better weatherization. You can match the existing style of your home, or the door can be the catalyst for a whole makeover. No matter your reason, replacing an door can brighten up an otherwise dreary room and may give you some ideas for remodeling the rest of your home.

Step 1

Remove the old door by knocking the keeper pins out of the door hinges with a screwdriver and hammer. Leave the door shut until you get the pins out, then remove the door and place it aside. Remove the rest of the hinge from the frame with a screwdriver and set it with the old door.

Step 2

Remove the trim from around the door frame by carefully sliding a screwdriver or pry bar under one end of the trim and gently pulling it away from the wall. Move across the trim, pulling it away until the entire piece is free from the wall. Place the trim in a safe place, so you can use it again with the new door.

Step 3

Remove the frame by placing the pry bar between the frame and the door header. Pry the frame loose and remove it from the doorway. Do the same with the side frames.

Step 4

Clean away any dust or debris in the doorway before installing the new door. Place the new door and frame in the doorway, and place a level on the side with the door hinges. Check both the sides and the face of the frame to make sure it's even. If the frame is loose or there are any gaps between the frame and the side door jamb, place wood shims between the frame and the doorjamb to make the fit tight. Cut off any excess shim to make it even with the door frame. Do the same for the other side and the top of the frame.

Step 5

Secure the frame to the doorjamb with wood screws.. Place one screw on each side to secure the frame, then open the door to check that the door doesn't stick or bind up anywhere. Place two screws in the top of the door frame, then one more on each side of the frame, about 2 feet from the bottom.

Step 6

Replace the trim around the frame with finish nails.

Things You'll Need

  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Pry bar
  • Wood shims
  • Hand saw
  • Level
  • 2½-inch wood screws
  • Finish nails

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