About Wood Carving Tools

About Wood Carving Tools image by DigitalHowie at Flickr
About Wood Carving Tools image by DigitalHowie at Flickr


Wood carving or wood chipping has become a popular craft. Usually a very soft wood is used. Sugar pine and basswood are common wood choices. This is a hobby for older children or adults. The tools are very sharp and occasionally the carver will cut himself. It does not have to be an expensive craft to get into. The basic beginner set of tools and accessories can be purchased for little more than $50. These same tools can be used indefinitely, without purchasing additional ones.

Palm Tools

A beginner set would include six palm tools. They have a ball-like shape to the handle which is held in the palm while working. The tips of the palm tools come in different widths and curved angles.

Bench Knife

This is a straight, sharp knife used primarily for scoring (indentations on the pattern lines).

Leather Strop

The leather strop is used to sharpen the tool blades.

Carving Glove

The sharp tools of wood carving can cause injury. The carving glove can protect your free hand from nicks and cuts. There is also a thumb guard for those that find the glove too bulky to work with.


Gugasanders are small metal rods with detachable cone sanding discs. It makes it easier to get into tight spots to smooth out the wood after carving.

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Photo by: DigitalHowie at Flickr

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