How to Make Wood Toys

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The next time you are contemplating buying your toddler expensive store-bought toys, think about what you can make yourself in the comfort of your own home for your child's enjoyment. Creating two-dimensional custom playthings out of wood for your small child is inexpensive and simple. Also, hand-crafted items from a parent to a child create a more personal, meaningful toy that your son or daughter will want to pass down to their own children.

Making the Shape

Step 1

Draw the outline of your toy onto paper. This could be an animal, a shape, letters or numbers.

Step 2

Cut out the object with scissors. This template can be used again and again.

Step 3

Place the template flat onto the plywood and trace around it with the pencil.

Step 4

Cut along the penciled line using the scroll saw. For softer wood like pine, you can also use a coping saw. It's all right if you go outside the lines; you can always erase them later.


Step 1

Use the medium sandpaper to round and smooth all of the sharp edges on your toy. Feel free to use a rotary sander instead.

Step 2

Give the wood an extra finish by using the fine sandpaper on the entire toy. This will give the toy a very smooth look and feel.

Step 3

Paint the toy with the non-toxic acrylic paint color of your choice. Keep in mind that the label on the acrylic paint must have an "AP Non-Toxic" seal.

Tips and Warnings

  • Several acrylic paints have harmful chemicals such as lead and mercury, which can be dangerous if a child puts the toy into his or her mouth. It is crucial to look for the "AP Non-Toxic" seal.

Things You'll Need

  • 1-inch-thick poplar, beech, douglas fir, cherry or maple wood (6 inches by 12 inches)
  • Scroll saw
  • Medium sandpaper
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Non-toxic acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


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Photo by: Photo courtesy of Stock.Xchng

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