How to Build a Wall Workbench in a Shed


Woodworking enthusiasts can fit a workbench anywhere. Put one in a corner of the basement, back of the garage, unused broom closet, standalone shed in the backyard or attach one to the side of a house. The workbench turns an otherwise underutilized piece of square footage into a relaxing place for the woodworker to create, design and build wonderful, handcrafted gifts of love. A small shed is an ideal location for a woodworking enthusiast getting started on a tight budget.

Preparing to Build a Wall Workbench

Step 1

Cut a 1/4-inch 4 x 8 into two 8 inch x 4 foot top shelves. Cut two 24 inch x 4 foot inner shelves and two sides 22 inch wide x 57 1/2 inch tall. Cut one 48 inch wide x 57 1/2 inch high for the back and two 20 1/8 inch wide x 28 inch high for the doors.

Step 2

Cut a 3/4-inch 4 x 8 48 inch wide x 28 1/2 inch long for the worktop. Cut 10 2 x 4s 48 inches long for the front and back shelf frames and four 2 x 4s 5 inches long for the side shelf frames. Cut six 2 x 4s 21 inches long for the side shelf frames.

Step 3

Cut one 2 x 4 12 inch long for the blocking piece and one 48 inch long for the worktop stiffener. The stiffener and blocking piece provide additional stability under the front lip of the workbench top. Cut two 2 x 4s 60 inch long for the rear legs and two 34 inch long for the front legs. Cut four 1 x 2s 28 inch long for the door frames and four 17 1/8 inch long for the door frames.

Assemble the Wall Workbench

Step 1

Build the frames for each top and inner shelf. Nail 1/4-inch plywood flush to all edges. Build the worktop frame. Nail the 3/4-inch plywood flush to rear edge. Leave overhang on front edge.

Step 2

Nail the front legs to the three inner shelf frames. Nail the rear legs to the inner shelves. Use a T square and level to ensure the workbench frame remains square. Attach the two upper shelves.

Step 3

Screw on plywood sides and back panel into place, leaving a 2 1/2--inch gap from the floor. Nail blocking to the worktop frame, centered between front legs. Nail worktop stiffener over blocking and on top of front legs. Screw down the worktop to the stiffener.

Step 4

Sand all rough edges. Prime and paint with primer and acrylic latex paint or opaque color stain.

Things You'll Need

  • (3) 1/4-inch plywood, 4 x 8
  • (1) 3/4-inch plywood, 4 x 8
  • (10) 8 ft studs, 2 x 4
  • (2) 8 ft boards, 1 x 2
  • Two cabinet knobs
  • Four cabinet hinges
  • One large bottle wood glue
  • One box 8d nails
  • One box 16d nails
  • One box 1-inch wood screws
  • Four magnetic cabinet door catch
  • One gallon acrylic latex primer
  • One gallon opaque color stain
  • Hammer
  • Circular saw
  • T square
  • Level
  • Hand drill
  • Screwdriver bits
  • Tape measure


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