Ideas to Paint Unfinished Shelf for Bathroom

An unfinished shelf not only provides a useful storage surface in the bathroom, it provides a versatile palette for a variety of paint styles. Even a basic shelf painted with a neutral color can blend into the background of any bathroom style, from simple to busy. As long as you remember to paint a clear, waterproof sealant on the shelf before hanging it in the bathroom, any painting style will work.

Bold Painting

A bland bathroom can become an interesting area with the clever use of bold painting ideas for an unfinished shelf. Any type of shelf covered with bright painted flowers and a grass green background creates a cheerful, floral style. A basic shelf covered with a rainbow-colored tie-dye pattern creates an amusing style. A box shelf with hot pink sides, jade green back panel and lime green trimming creates a feminine style.

Country Painting

Country painting ideas for an unfinished bathroom shelf can use earthy, rustic or farm-related styles. A square country shelf only requires a coat of protective varnish to create a rustic cabin theme. A white rectangle shelf painted with pink, green and blue flowers around the sides creates a sweet country theme. Any type of shelf covered with a black-and-white cow pattern creates a humorous country theme.

Faux-Finish Painting

Turn an unfinished bathroom shelf into an expensive-looking accent by painting it with a faux finish. A plain shelf with a green base and swirled white finish creates a marble-effect for a fancy bathroom. A stylized combination of light brown, brown and dark brown paint on a basic shelf creates a woven wicker pattern for an earthy bathroom. A half-moon shelf with a dark copper base and light copper crackle finish creates an antique metal effect for an elegant bathroom. Faux finishes are also useful for adding carved or inlaid effects. A rectangle shelf stained light brown with flowery vines, painted to look like hand carving around the sides, creates a classic theme. A granite-painted shelf with small, glossy, evenly spaced, blue squares around the sides creates a tile-inlaid stone shelf appearance.

Modern Painting

Patterns and unusual color combinations are popular for modern shelf painting ideas. A black, half-moon shaped shelf with cream polka dots creates a whimsical style. A lilac and gold striped shelf with royal purple along the thick sides creates a royal style. A glossy white box shelf with a turquoise painted back panel creates a clean style.

Sleek Painting

Sleek painting ideas for an unfinished shelf can look classic or modern, but they always have a sharp and sleek style. Any shelf covered with glossy black paint and trimmed with gold paint along the thin sides creates a sleek masculine theme. A thick, square, off-white shelf with light sand sides and aqua blue trimming creates a sleek beach theme.

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