How to Make a Gun Rack


A gun rack is an ideal addition to your home if you are a hunter, collector or gun enthusiast. It can also make a good gift for the right person. Building a gun rack can be challenging, but the project just demands precise measurements, patience and some good woodworking skills. A four-gun rack is best to start with, as it requires less work than a larger gun rack, and you can evaluate your success before deciding if you want to make a bigger one.

Step 1

Find a large, flat work area to build the gun rack. Lay the backboard down and assemble the pieces freehand before securing them, just so you understand the basic setup of the gun rack. Set up the two side panels, the top brace and the storage shelf pieces with the plywood spacers.

Step 2

Attach the storage pieces to start. Hold the pieces in place with the box corner jig. Make sure the storage pieces end 1 inch to 3/4 of an inch before the backboard's sides. Next, push in the spacers between the jig while holding the two storage pieces. Secure the pieces firmly with the glue. Remove the jig. Then secure the two storage pieces with the glue. Let the pieces dry completely.

Step 3

Set the top brace 3 inches from the top and secure it with glue. Once the pieces are dry, flip the solid base structure over and secure the glued pieces with at least two nails each.

Step 4

Set down the two side panels and use the marking utensil to indicate where the storage shelf will fit on the bottom (which will be about 5 inches up). Use the measurements you took earlier.

Step 5

Mark out the gun slot pattern using the writing utensil. The right side usually holds the gun barrels, but the left side is also an option. Mark the slots 3/4 of an inch higher on whatever side you choose to hold the gun barrels, in order to balance the weight. This also ensures that the guns won't slant when placed on the rack, which could make them fall. Measure the pattern for at least 2 inches of wood before the gun slot. The gun slot should be at least 1 inch wide. Also, there needs to be an inch-wide notch that curves up a little where the gun will be held.

Step 6

Confirm that you have four notches on each side of the gun rack (for the four guns). Cut out the pattern around the marked area with a handsaw. Then sand the edges.

Step 7

Use the glue to attach the side panels to the backboard. Make sure the side panels fit firmly against the brace and the storage space. Let dry.

Step 8

Turn over the backboard and nail the glued side panels with at least two nails each, three if possible. Space out the nails evenly.

Step 9

Create holes so the gun rack can hang on the wall by drilling two holes in the upper corners of the backboard, right next to each side panel's edge. Nail down any other places on the gun rack that do not seem sturdy.

Tips and Warnings

  • Be careful when working with power tools and sharp objects.

Things You'll Need

  • Sturdy wooden backboard measuring 3 feet by 3 feet
  • Two boards of wood, each 1 foot by 2.5 feet (for side panels, no more than 2 inches thick)
  • Two boards, each 1 foot by 2.3 feet (for storage area, no more than 1 inch thick)
  • One board 4 inches by 2.3 feet (for a top brace, no more than 1 inch thick)
  • Two pieces of plywood measuring 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches (for spacers, no more than 1 inch thick)
  • Black marker
  • Small, sturdy handsaw or band saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Box corner jig
  • Wood glue
  • Hammer and nails
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