How to Build a Child's Toy Storage Bin


When it is time to put the toys away, a sturdy, wooden toy box is an attractive option. A classic piece that is both aesthetic and functional, a wooden toy box can easily be built by the amateur carpenter with a little know-how. The materials are basic, but the design is classic and should last for many years.

Cut Out the Pieces

Step 1

Put on safety gloves, a dust mask and goggles before using the saw. Take the two-foot-by-four-foot piece of hard plywood and cut it in half, then in half again. You should have four one-by-two rectangles.

Step 2

Put three of these rectangles aside for the front, back and top panels of the box. Take the fourth piece and cut it into two one-by-one squares for the side panels.

Step 3

Take the two-foot-by-two-foot piece of plywood and measure and cut it to 23 1/2 inches by 12 3/4 inches. This piece will be the bottom panel.

Assemble the Pieces

Step 1

Set the dado blade to cut 3/8" inch deep and fence 3/8" deep. Cut dado slots, or three-sided grooves, along the bottom edge of the front, back and two side panels.

Step 2

Set the front, side and back panels around the bottom panel, so that it fits securely into the dado grooves. Use four screws to secure each edge, pre-drilling and countersinking each screw hole first.

Step 3

Attach the hardwood top to the back edge of the box with screws. Position the plywood top panel, attaching the two hinges on the back side of the box.

Step 4

Attach the lid-support bracket between one of the sides of the box and the top. This will "lock" the lid open when you are putting toys away in the box.


Step 1

Apply the edging material to the box and fill the screw holes with wood plugs to give the box a softer look.

Step 2

Use sandpaper to sand the box. Apply a stain and coat of polyurethane.

Step 3

Attach wheels or pads on the bottom of the box. Add brass corners and handles if desired.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Dust mask
  • One two-foot-by-four-foot piece of 3/4-inch hardwood plywood
  • One two-foot-two-foot piece of 3/8-inch plywood
  • Table saw
  • Dado saw blade set
  • Drill
  • Countersink
  • Matching edging material
  • Eight to ten 5/8" woodscrews
  • Two hinges
  • Four brass corners
  • Wood plugs
  • Two handles
  • Interior lid support bracket
  • Four wheels or eight pads
  • Measuring tape


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  • This Old House: Barn Toy Box
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