DIY Mirrored Room Divider


Room dividers are ideal for separating a single space into two functional rooms. Adding mirrors to the room dividers is an excellent way to make the two smaller rooms look larger. You can attach mirrors to two types of room dividers: a folding divider or block shelf divider.


Measure the length of the area where you want to place the room divider. Consider your allotted width to determine the dimensions you can use. A room divider made from folding closet doors does not allow you to easily customize the height because they are prefabricated, but block shelves are ideal for dividing unconventional sized spaces.

Folding Door Dividers

Purchase folding closet doors to meet the size divider you need. If one folding door does not provide you with the length you desire, add another folder door to it via hinges. Find the same hinges already used in the folding door to hold the two doors together. You can also add a single panel by attaching the panel to the door with the same hinges. Add mirrors to each of the panels using mirror holders. Place at least two holders on each of the four sides near the end. Add another holder in the center of each holder for mirror sides that are longer than a couple of feet. You have a couple of options for the size of the mirrors. You can use a single mirror to fit the entire surface of each panel or use a series of mirrors on each surface. Apply mirrors in the same design to both sides of the divider to equalize the weight distribution.

Box Shelf Dividers

Create a wood frame with the length and height of the intended divider, leaving the top open. Each piece of wood in this project must be the same width to hold the mirrors. Add slats of wood vertically between the side structures, to the bottom of the frame, spaced 1 to 2 feet apart consistently. Use nails or screws to keep the pieces together. Cut small pieces of wood for the inner shelves that will fit between the vertical slats. Measure each shelf space precisely to make hanging the mirrors easy. When all the shelves are in, put the final piece of frame over the top of the divider. Choose to paint or stain the shelf once it is completed or before assembly. Order blocks of mirrors the same size as the shelf openings. Scatter the mirrors over various openings on both sides. This technique allows you to use some of the spaces for displaying decorations. Install the mirror holders on the divider where all four sides of the mirror will rest. Put a holder on both sides of all the mirror points.

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