How to Design Your Own Swing Set

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A swing set offers children the opportunity to exercise and have fun outdoors. However, you don't have to visit the playground to allow your child to enjoy a swing set. Play sets are available to purchase, but they can sometimes be quite expensive. With just a few resources, you can design your own swing set specifically for the children in your life.

Step 1

Determine the space you have to build a swing set. You can design your own swing set that's as basic as a couple of swings hanging off of a piece of wood or as intricate as a swing set featuring a long bridge and monkey bars. The main factor determining how you will design your own swing set is the space available for the play area.

Step 2

Consider the materials from which you'll build your swing set. Your best options are wood or plastic composite because they're heavy-duty to support the weight of your kids and to stand up to the weather.

Step 3

Find the height that's perfect for your swing set. Smaller children enjoy play sets that are about 5 feet tall. However, older children can play well on a swing set that stands 7 feet tall.

Step 4

Incorporate a deck or a bridge in your swing set design. This deck is an ideal location for children to access the slide. Adding a little extra room on the deck for friends and for snacks can give it a tree house feel.

Step 5

Choose the style of swing you want. Traditional swings aren't the only option available as you design your own swing set. If the swing set you design is for small children, consider swings with back and leg support. For clients with older children, incorporate basic belt swings along with a tire swing and even a swing that incorporate a trapeze bar.

Step 6

Use creative ways for the children to climb up to the deck. Traditional ladders are an option, but you can also use a rope-climbing wall or a rock-climbing wall.

Step 7

Add a slide. You can't go wrong adding a slide to a swing set, because they appeal to children of all ages. You can choose tall, narrow slides; short, bumpy slides; curvy tube slides or even multiple slides on one swing set.

Step 8

Remember to add shade at the top of the tower. Bright, colorful fabric can form a tent on top, adding a fun burst of color and adding a practical element of sun protection for the little ones.


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