How to Buy New Firestorm Cordless Tools


The Firestorm line of power tools was manufactured by Black and Decker, but the company has elected to discontinue the brand. The line is no longer sold at retail locations, so finding new cordless tools with the Firestorm logo is becoming increasingly difficult. There are some new models of selected power tools remaining on the Internet market for sale. Buy new Firestorm cordless tools from online retailers and have them shipped to your home or shop.

Step 1

Buy a variety of new Firestorm cordless power tools from Ray's Tools and Stuff on eBay. The provided link shows a listing that includes a jig saw, circular saw, hammer drill and two saw sets. All are new cordless power tools made by Firestorm. Ray runs a small family business billed as an eBay Powerseller, Squaretrade Certified Dealer and Verified Paypal Member.

Step 2

Buy a four-piece combo of new Firestorm cordless power tools from Buckeye Tool Supply. The link is provided in Additional Resources. The set includes a circular saw, reciprocating saw, jig saw and a drill/driver with hammer action. All tools in the set are new cordless 24-volt units from Firestorm.

Step 3

Buy a new Firestorm cordless reciprocating saw from Amazon. Marbrick is the seller with a 5 star rating and 11 positive reviews in the last year. The saw is listed for $75.99 plus $7.49 shipping.

Step 4

Buy a new cordless Firestorm battery charger from CPO Black and Decker. The link is included in Additional Resources. The unit charges stem type batteries in one hour. CPO is offering the charger for $31.99 plus shipping.


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