Types of Sandpaper

Types of Sandpaper image by anabits.com
Types of Sandpaper image by anabits.com


Sandpaper is used in many home projects. You should pay close attention to the uses for the sandpaper type before making your purchase. If you need to remove light scratches, be sure to choose super fine sandpaper. If you are doing heavy sanding or stripping, then your choice should be a coarse grade.


Commercial sandpaper is readily available to the public. It is found at hardware and home improvement stores.

Common names

There are six types of sandpaper size for commercial use. They are coarse, medium, fine, very fine, extra fine and super fine.

Types of Sandpaper


For commercial use, there are six types of grit available, starting from 40-60 and going to 360-600. The higher the number, the finer the grit.

Sanding metal

Closed coat sanding paper is used for sanding metal. This paper will clog easily because the grit is closer together.

Sanding wood

Open coat sandpaper is used for woodworking. It is designed to stop clogging because the dust has a place to go. Open coat refers to the open spaces between the coarse sand.


Industrial sandpaper is not for the general public. It is found only at industrial supply outlets. It is a much higher quality and used in mass production lines.

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