How to Make a 6 Inch Floating Shelf


When you need additional shelving in a tight space, a floating shelf is ideal. There are no supports or wall brackets that stick out and take up extra space, because all of that is hidden when you install a floating shelf. In addition, with floating shelves, you can build them to be small or large to handle your décor needs. Six-inch floating shelves can help you display some of your favorite photographs or décor items, without drawing attention away from the focal point of your room. You can make a six-inch floating shelf using basic carpentry materials and tools.

Step 1

Cut a 2x4 board so it is five inches long. This board is the support for your shelf, called a ledger.

Step 2

Determine where on your wall you want to install a six-inch floating shelf. Hold the ledger up against the wall to determine where it looks best. Use a level to make sure the ledger sits straight; then trace a line at the bottom of your ledger so you know where to install your support.

Step 3

Check the availability of studs by running a stud finder across the line you drew. If there are no studs available, insert sheetrock anchors for added support.

Step 4

Squeeze construction glue onto the back edge of your ledger, and affix the ledger to the wall. The glue will help hold the ledger to the wall until you can secure it with screws.

Step 5

Hammer a nail into the middle of your ledger to help secure it to the wall. Using your level as a guide, adjust your ledger up or down to make sure it's level before you proceed.

Step 6

Drill screws through the ledger into the available studs or into the sheetrock anchors.

Step 7

Measure a one-inch-thick sheet of your favorite wood to make the top, bottom, sides and front of your six-inch floating shelf. Cut the top and bottom pieces so they are six inches long and four inches deep. Cut your side pieces so they are four inches tall and four inches long. Cut your front piece so it's six inches long and four inches tall.

Step 8

Assemble your floating shelf pieces to make a box that's missing one side, which will be installed as a shelf that is six inches long, four inches deep and six inches thick. Use construction glue to hold each piece together, check to make sure that the box will fit over the ledger, and then secure the box construction by drilling screws into the joints.

Step 9

Pick up your floating shelf and insert the ledger on the wall into the missing side of the box. Drill through the shelf and into the ledger to secure the shelf to the ledger.

Step 10

Paint or stain your six-inch floating shelf.

Things You'll Need

  • 2x4 wood board
  • Tape measure
  • Carpenter's pencil
  • Level
  • Stud finder
  • Sheetrock anchors
  • Construction glue
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Circular saw
  • Sheet of wood (1" thick)


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