How to Use a Wood Planer

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There are several types of wood planers. All are used to create a smooth, level surface on a piece of wood and work out any imperfections by shaving off a thin piece at a time using a very sharp blade. There are handheld power planers, large power planers that entire boards are pushed through, and hand planers. Power planers require less technique. This is how to use a hand planer, the original and more personal way to work with wood.

Step 1

Affix your board with clamps or a vise on your workbench so that it's stable and you can push full force against it.

Step 2

Check to make sure the blade in your plane is sharp and clean. A dull blade can make for a rugged cut and can ruin your wood.

Step 3

Hold the front knob with your leading hand and the rear handle with your other.

Step 4

Push down into the wood while guiding the plane forward in a long stroke over the surface of the wood. A thin shaving of wood will curl out of the mouth of the plane. You need to use a good amount of strength for this.

Step 5

Run the plane over the surface of the wood several times in long strokes until you get the smooth, even surface you desire. Finish with sandpaper.

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Photo by: Argo Building Company

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