How to Use Rabbeting Jointers


A rabbeting jointer is a machine used to cut wood. Its long sides allow you to cut long pieces of wood. The jointer has four parts made up of two sides--or tables--a cutter and a wall. The tables can be adjusted as can the wall. Using the rabbeting jointer is rather simple and can make cutting wood quick and easy.

Step 1

Raise and lower the front and rear tables on the rabbeting jointers. There is a knob or adjusting wheel under both the front and rear tables. Turn them clockwise to raise them or counterclockwise to lower them. Line the tables up and make sure they are level. Raise or lower the front table first. The front table is the part of the rabbeting jointer that comes out on the right, and the rear table comes out toward the left.

Step 2

Attach the cutter head guard and adjust it. There is a hole in the front table where the cutter head guard attaches to. Turn the spring knob that sits under the cutter to the right amount of tension before using it.

Step 3

Start cutting with a sample piece of wood. Before cutting wood that you need, use a sample piece to make sure that the rabbeting jointer is cutting the way you want, which allows you to double-check on any adjustments that might be needed.

Step 4

Utilize the fence body. This is where the wood is braced against when cutting. You can move it from the front table to the rear table if needed. This can be done by untightening the screw that sits near the handle of the fence body. You can also tilt the fence as needed to up to 45 degrees by moving the handle located on the right side. Once you have your desired location and angle of the fence body, then tighten the same screw to hold it in position.

Step 5

Look in the front lower right of the rabbeting jointer. The power switch sits there. To start using the machine, place the switch on and always remember to turn it off when finished using it. If the machine begins to overheat for some reason, it will automatically turn itself off, but you will still need to flip the switch to the "off" position.

Tips and Warnings

  • Never reach over the machine while it is on to get something. Avoid wearing loose clothing.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Goggles

Who Can Help

  • Jointers
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