Tool Rack Wood Projects

Woodworking and carpentry projects can be fun, but how to store that tangle of tools that every woodworker seems to accumulate? There are plenty of plastic and metal tool boxes and tool storage solutions available at the big box stores, but why not apply some of that woodworking acumen to come up with your own tool rack?

Peg boards

Every workshop needs a peg board tool rack, if only to help keep organized those tools that really need to be visible and close at hand. This is a very simple wood project. Peg boards are available in sizes from 2' x 4' to 8' x 4', and in hardboard or metal. Screw the peg board directly into garage wall studs, or use expanding hollow wall anchor bolts to bolt the peg board to wallboard or drywall. Insert peg board tool hangers and tools. You can fancy up the project by painting the peg board and/or outlining the tools on your board with a magic marker so you know what-goes-where. Woodshopics (see References) has a souped-up version of a simple peg board if you'd like to try something a little more challenging.

Tool boxes

Generations of woodshop students have sharpened their wood working skills by building their own sturdy tool box. Tool boxes can be as simple as an open box with a carrying handle (as in the Popular Mechanics plans in References below), or as advanced as a tool cabinet on rollers with multiple slide-out tool rack drawers. ToolCrib (see References) has suggestions and plans.

Garden tool racks

Garden tools pose a special problem because of their size. A simple solution is to mount pairs of dowels into a 2'x4' screwed to the wall so that rakes, shovels etc. can hang between the pegs. Another idea is to create a wooden box with holes drilled top and bottom so that long handles of tools can be inserted (see Resources).

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