What Is Rubberwood Good For?

What Is Rubberwood Good For? image by Restaurant-bar-furniture.com
What Is Rubberwood Good For? image by Restaurant-bar-furniture.com


Rubberwood is the wood of the Para rubber tree, which is the source of natural rubber. Strong and durable, rubberwood--or parawood as it is occasionally called--is used to manufacture home furnishings. A more environmentally friendly choice than other exotic species, rubberwood can be harvested after the end of the tree's useful life as a rubber producer.


Though originally found only in the Amazon, rubberwood, or Hevea Brasiliensis, is grown all over the world's lush tropical regions.


Rubberwood shrinks little when dried in a kiln, its dense grain helping to preserve its shape and strength, features that make it highly desirable for making furniture.


Rubberwood comes from 26- to 30-year-old trees that have ceased to produce marketable latex. These trees have more than one potential use during the course of their life cycles.


Mature rubber trees average 75 feet in height and 3 feet in diameter. The large amount of timber from each tree can be used in making not only furniture, but also in home construction and flooring.


An added plus is rubberwood's high degree of resistance to insects, fungus and mold. It also has compatibility with most industrial adhesives.


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