How Do I Attach Drawer Pulls to Cabinets?


Drawer pulls must be mounted correctly and centered accurately on each drawer front. Knobs have only one hole to center, but drawer pulls have two holes that must be properly aligned. The trick is to get the mounting holes drilled correctly. A simple, custom jig simplifies this process. Verify the accuracy of your jig, and then use it on each drawer front to quickly and accurately place each drawer pull.

Cut a Jig

Make a jig, or placement pattern, to use on each drawer front for accurate placement of the pulls. Using a piece of scrap wood, 1/4-inch plywood is fine, cut it as a rectangle 12 inches by 5 1/2 inches. Attach a scrap of 1x1 along one long edge with brads, making sure it is square and even with the long edge. This creates an edge to butt against the top of the drawer front.

Mark the Jig

Mark a center vertical line down the front of the jig. Measure how far down from the top edge of your drawer front you want the drawer pull to be located, and mark the corresponding distance from the top edge of the jig, adding an allowance for the 1x1. (Since a 1x1 actually measures 3/4 inch, simply add 3/4 inch to the measurement.) This provides the horizontal alignment for your drawer pull. You will now have a centered vertical and a horizontal line marked on the jig.

Drill the Jig

Measure the width between the mounting holes on your drawer pull. On the horizontal line, mark half of that distance on each side of the vertical center line. Test by holding the drawer pull against your marks. Drill guide holes on the marks. Temporarily mount the drawer pull on the jig to test for accuracy. Remove the drawer pull.

Drill the Drawer Fronts

Mark a vertical center on each drawer front. Butt the jig against the top edge of the drawer front, aligning the center of the jig with the center mark of the drawer front. Clamp the jig into place. Drill the holes through the drawer front using the holes in the jig as a guide. Repeat for each drawer front.

Mount the Drawer Pulls

Screw the drawer pulls to the drawer fronts. Most pulls have a threaded channel that passes through the holes you drilled in the drawer front. Some pulls have an escutcheon, or decorative back plate, that mounts between the pull handle and the drawer front. Use large flat-head screws from the back to secure the pull.

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