Plans for Making a Jewelry Box


Jewelry box plans range in difficulty and size. Some may be built in a single weekend while others take a bit more of a time investment. All wood choices remain with the builder. Some plans denote specific wood types to create a specific look while others allow the builder to use scraps left from other projects. The keyed corner jewelry box is simple yet classy. Purchase only what you need if this is your only project or your first project.

Select Wood, Gather Tools

Make your keyed corner jewelry box in a single weekend from wood scraps or from any wood of your choice. Make sure you have all the necessary tools you need to make a jewelry box. Gather a planer, a saw table, a saw, glue, a ruler and sandpaper.

Plane the Sides and Ends

Work on getting the sides and ends of the box the right size first. Rough cuts will work because the thickness will be planed or sanded down. Plane down the thickness to a predetermined thickness, carried throughout the entire box. Joint one of the edges. Rip and joint the opposite edge to a width set by the directions for your particular box. Cut two 1/4-inch wide slits by a little deeper than 1/4-inch grooves in each piece that will join to the box top and bottom.

Make the Top and Bottom

Cut three pieces of wood to equal sizes for the bottom, inside top and outside top. Plane the bottom piece to the same thickness as the sides and ends. Plane the inside top to a slightly less thickness than the other pieces and the outside top to about 1/16 inch. Choose the nicest piece for the outside top as it will show the most. Use wood glue to attach the inside top and outside top together. Carefully line up the bottom and sides of the box. Glue the bottom to the sides of the box. Hold into position until dry. Use a clamp, if available.

Sand and Finish It

Sand all the insides and outsides of the box gently. Fit the pieces together without glue. Sand down any parts that are not fitting well. Once everything is a good fit, apply a small amount of glue into the joints and join the wood together. Keep pressure on the joints until they dry. The keys to the sides of the box, small pieces of wood, get inserted into the holes that are present on the corners of the box. Cover them with glue and insert them.

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