Dremel Wood Projects


The Dremel rotary tool is a powerful mini multipurpose tool that has many functions. A Dremel can cut, grind, drill and sand metal, wood and other materials. This multifunctional tool works by putting on different attachments to accomplish various tasks. For example, if you want to grind metal you put on a grinding attachment. The Dremel tool is a lightweight, small but powerful, versatile tool.

Hanging Shelves

A good Dremel woodworking project is making hanging wooden shelves. The Dremel can make hanging shelves using a plunge router attachment, 335, and the 655 keyhole router bit. With these attachments the Dremel performs like a router, but not as heavy or bulky. The keyholes are added to the shelf so it can be hung on a wall. These small shelves are great for displaying knickknacks. This same set up can be used to make keyholes for picture frames and brackets too.

Address Placard

The Dremel is the ideal tool to make wood signs, for it is easier to control and lighter than a router. All you need to do is stencil the address onto a piece of wood of your choice. Then use attachment 191, a high-speed cutter, to carve out the numbers. Proceed with attachment 511 to sand the rough edges. You can also carve out the outside of the numbers to give the project a raised letter look. You can use a scribe bit to further decorate the placard with designs or patterns.

Inlaid Wood

The Dremel can also be used to make wood inlays to decorate furniture, boxes or placards. Take an old wooden rocking chair and add some flair to it by adding some inlaid designs to it. Using a darker stained piece of wood or lighter piece, cut out your designs with the Dremel tools 650 to 654. The size of the tool to use will depend on the size and shape of the inlay. Larger diameter tools will remove more wood smoothly and more material, whereas the smaller bits can produce tighter curves but are harder to control. With the Dremel router attachment tool you can carve out the necessary depth needed to make the inlays flush. The inlays will contrast the wood of the chair and add some spark to an old piece of furniture.

Dremel Mobile

Dremels are great cutting tools. They are highly useful in making a mobile for a nursery to hang from the ceiling. A simple one for a boy would be to trace five different dinosaur silhouettes onto some 1/8-inch-thick paneling. Then use the appropriate Dremel cutting tools, 650 to 654, to cut out the dinosaurs. Stain the cut-out dinosaurs and varnish them, or you can paint them different colors. Drill individual holes with the Dremel for each dinosaur and attach them to crossed dowels with different lengths of string. For a girl, you may want to cut out different flower shapes or circus animals.

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