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Glaze wood furniture, trim work or cabinetry with a wood stain in order to deepen or enrich the color and to seal and protect the wood. Wood stains come in a wide variety of tones including light, golden tones, deep browns, and ebony. Mix stains to create a custom glaze color if within this variety you cannot find the exact tone you desire. Use a combination of chocolate and cherry glaze stains to create a rich brown color with red undertones. When mixing glazes together, always use the same brand and type. A water-based stain and an oil-based stain cannot be combined.

Step 1

Study the color charts for stains to determine which chocolate stain and which cherry stain to use. Most manufacturers have stains in shades of chocolate and cherry. If there are no specific stains called "chocolate" or "cherry," find the closest tones. Brown walnut or coffee tones, for example, can be used in place of chocolate. Red mahogany can be used in place of cherry.

Step 2

Start by making a small, test batch. Pour a 1/4-cup of one stain in a small plastic container. If you want your final glaze to be more on the brown side, begin with chocolate stain. If you want final stain to be more on the red side, begin with cherry. You will be starting with a two-to-one ratio.

Step 3

Add half the amount (1/8-cup) of the second stain and mix thoroughly with a brush.

Step 4

Paint the mixture onto a scrap piece of wood that matches as closely as possible the wood to be stained. Allow it to dry for a couple of minutes and inspect the color result. Add more chocolate or cherry if adjustments are necessary. Take notes about how much of each stain you add so you can translate the correct ratio to the final stain mix.

Step 5

Mix larger amounts of stain in a larger, clean container using the same ratio as the sample mixture. For example, the sample mixture of 1/4-cup chocolate and 1/8-cup cherry would give you a ratio containing 2 parts chocolate and 1 part cherry. If you added another 1/8-cup of cherry, you would have a total of 1/4-cup cherry, giving you an equal ratio of chocolate and cherry. Mix as much stain as needed for the job.

Things You'll Need

  • Wood stain
  • Brush
  • Small plastic container
  • Large plastic container
  • Wood scrap


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