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When searching for a gift for kids, consider buying them a set of carpenter tools. Carpenter tools provide a long-lasting present that will prove to be useful for many years. While tool sets come in special child size kits, adult tools can also be used. With proper training, kids will learn to build and repair things around the house. They can make projects as gifts or create something they dream up. This gift will provide them with a nice alternative to watching television all day.


Saws come in many different forms. Each type of saw will make a different cut. The cutting edge is a thin piece of metal, either in the shape of a disk or in the shape of a blade. The angles of the "teeth" on the cutting edge will determine what can be cut. Saws are thought to be one of the oldest tools in use. A child can use a saw to practice cutting wood. The child can use a clamp to hold the wood while he saws.


A carpenter's clamp is made from plastic or metal. It is used to stabilize items when working with them. The clamp can be used to secure in item to a sturdy work surface. A child can use the clamp to hold two pieces of wood together when waiting for the glue to dry. They can also use a clamp to secure a piece of wood while cutting with a saw or router. The child should always be supervised while using a clamp, especially when using it with another tool such as a saw.


A screwdriver is a pretty basic tool that kids can use often. The two most basic types are the flat head screwdriver and the Philips head screwdriver. The Philips screwdriver has a tip that resembles a plus sign, where the flat head screwdriver---just as its name implies---has a flat end. Both styles can be used to either tighten screws or to loosen them. The flat head can be used to pry lids off of paint containers.


A hammer is one of the most essential of the carpenter tools. The handle is composed of wood or metal, and is joined with a heavy metal head. The head is used to strike objects like nails into wood. It might be used to break something apart. It can be used to force objects into tight places. The curved claw opposite the metal head can be used to pull nails from wood.


A set of pliers can be used to hold an object tightly while manipulating another object. They provide leverage for gripping objects when personal strength isn't enough. They can hold a bolt in place while a screw is being tightened. They can be used to clip wires. They can also be used to bend small wires and twist them into place. A child might find it fun to strip wires with their pliers. Gripping pliers are the most common kind.

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