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A steam box is a very handy device to have around the house. It can be utilized for various projects you may have involving wood. You can purchase steam boxes from manufacturers or construct your very own with only a few needed materials and some tools. Read on to learn more about steam boxes.


Steam boxes make it possible to create strong curved pieces of wood that can be used for various things. Without the steam box, it is not possible to bend the wood without breaking it. This process gives you many different ways to use wood in projects that call for arched pieces.


Steam boxes are utilized to bend wood. Individuals working on boats, chairs, moldings and other things that require the wood to be shaped and curved use them. It is a sealed box designed to hold pieces of wood inside. Steam is added to the box until the wood becomes pliable. This wood can now be formed easily into the needed shape.


Steam boxes apply dampness and heat to solid pieces of wood, which makes it flexible. It is a steam chamber that subjects the wood to concentrated steam at atmospheric pressure. This plasticized wood can be placed on various jigs (molds) to help shape them. The wood then dries (cools) and maintains this newly created form.


It depends on your specific project as to the size of box needed. Steam boxes can be produced in any dimension needed. The ones utilized in shipbuilding can be massive. However, ones employed for woodworking projects can be small. The diameter of the interior of the steam box should be a close to the size of the wood being steamed as possible. This allows you to use less steam.


You will have to decide if you want to purchase a steam box or construct one. If you decide to create one, you will need to purchase specific items and the build it first. If you purchase one, you can use it right away. You may not have the option of buying one, if you are working wood that would not fit in one that you can obtain.

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