Wood Cutout Crafts


Beautify your home and make crafty gifts using wood cutouts. They are cheap and found in virtually any craft store in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Copy general designs or draw your own patterns to create virtually any shape you can imagine. Decorate the cutouts using paints, decorative paper and any leftover craft supplies you have on hand.

Christmas Ornaments

Wood cutouts are sold in a variety of shapes, including Christmas shapes such as pine trees, angels, snowmen and Santa Claus. Paint the shapes and add details using paint markers and small craft supplies like pompoms and pipe cleaners. Punch or drill a hole in the top of the ornaments. String ribbon, twine or yarn through the holes and then hang the ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Wall Plaques

Create decorative plaques or even personalized wall décor with wood shapes. Decorate shapes such as hearts, stars, flowers or animals with paint, decorative paper or permanent markers and then write a name or date on the plaque. Use glue to attach ribbon to the back of the wood shape for hanging. Embellish the decoration with glitter, ribbons or 3D stickers.


Make your own decorative magnets. Choose small wooden cutouts and decorate them using paint, paper or even photographs. Make themed sets of magnets such as vegetables or fruit. You could also make alphabet- and number-shaped magnet sets to give young children as gifts. Attach a piece of magnetic paper or a magnetic strip to the back of the wooden shapes using glue, and stick your handmade magnets on the fridge or another metal item in your home or office.

Picture Frames

Decorate a plain, old picture frame with any design. Paint wood cutouts any color you like to create a theme that matches the photo inside the frame, such as "Back 2 School" using shapes like apples, rulers or pencils or make the frame match the room décor instead. To further embellish the frame design, add tiny beads, glitter or ribbon to the wood cutouts and add detail to the shapes using markers and paint. Also, use wooden word shapes to add a title or even wood letters to personalize the frame with a name.

Personalized Wall Hangings

Create décor for your child's bedroom by gluing wood letters together to create names or words. Cover the letters with decorative paper, paint and embellishments like ribbon and rhinestones. Consider different shapes and sizes of letters as well as different color patterns to add appeal.

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