Woodworking Ideas for a Laundry Bench


A well-organized and well-designed laundry room can make an unpleasant chore quick and easy. One of the best tools in a good laundry room is a laundry bench, complete with storage, folding space and even room for delicates or dry cleaning. Building your own laundry work area is an affordable weekend project for a skilled woodworker, or you can take advantage of ready-made components and create a functional laundry bench suitable for a beginner at do-it-yourself projects.

Repurposing a Laundry Bench

Surprisingly, one item found in many homes makes an excellent laundry bench with only minor modifications. A changing table works quite well in the laundry room. Shelves can be used to hold laundry supplies or even baskets for the family's shoes, while the top surface provides folding space and room for stain treatment. Sand and paint your changing table to match your laundry room decor, then add simple curtain panels attached with Velcro to hide the mess on the shelves below.

Build a Simple Bench

Cut two pieces of 3/4-inch plywood 18 inches by 48 inches (or the size desired for your space). These will form the top of your laundry bench, as well as a lower laundry shelf. Cut four table legs from 2-by-4 inch lumber, each 36 inches long. Cut two shelf supports from 2-by-2 inch lumber, each 18 inches long. Notch the shelf panel at each corner. Attach the shelf supports to the legs, positioning them at the desired height. Stand up each leg assembly, squaring the laundry table top at the corners. Glue and screw the legs onto the tabletop, sinking the screws. Screw the lower shelf into position. Paint or finish the legs and lower shelf as desired. Use vinyl or ceramic tiles on the top shelf to create a durable and water resistant finish for your laundry bench. Add casters if desired.

Use Cabinetry to Create a Laundry Bench

Purchased kitchen cabinetry is an ideal choice for the laundry room. You can combine floor-to-ceiling cabinetry with a lower laundry bench in a large laundry room. Purchase cabinetry in an appropriate configuration for your laundry table and use a purchased countertop or panel of MDF for the top. Add trim to cover the unfinished edges. You can even opt for two cabinet units spaced fairly widely to create a laundry bench that can accommodate a high stool for sewing, crafts or other activities.

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