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Your backyard can be a place of relaxation and serenity. A good way to achieve this is to set aside areas for a bench where you can sit and enjoy the quietness or a friend's company. An outdoor bench is an easy piece of furniture to build yourself.


The look of the bench will depend on the wood and what kind of stain you use. This can add a nice touch to the décor of your yard. The cheapest route may be to just use basic 2-by-4 and 1-by-6. These boards are durable and can be painted easily. If you are looking for something more upscale, you can purchase cedar or redwood and put a nice stain on it. If the wood you buy is very high quality, you can just put a nice stain over it and display the grain.


The size of your bench is another factor in your construction. A 4-foot long bench will seat two people pretty comfortably, but the construction process is the same regardless of the size. If you need to sit more people, simply make the bench longer. Make sure you measure the area where you will be placing the bench. This will also determine the bench's length. Don't overbuild your bench simply for the sake of building one. It should look natural in the setting.


For a basic bench you will need to begin with six pieces of 17 1/4-inch long 2-by-4s and two pieces of 36-inch long 2-by-4s. Place two of the smaller pieces together to form an "L" shape and screw them into each other. Repeat this for two more of the smaller 2-by-4s to create a total of two "L" shapes. These are the front bench legs. Make an "L" with a 36-inch piece of 2-by-4 and one of the remaining pieces of 17-1/4 inch 2-by-4. Screw these pieces together. Repeat for the remaining 36-inch and 17-1/4 inch 2-by-4s. You should now have four "L" shapes. The second set of "L"s are for the back legs. Connect one of the front legs to one of the back legs by placing a piece of 2-by-4 which is 15 inches long in the inside the 90 degree corner of the "L" so it is even with the top of the shorter pieces and screw it in on both sides. Repeat this for the other set of front and back legs. Then connect the two sides together by placing three pieces of 1-by-6s on the seat area and screwing it into the top of the bench sides. Attach two pieces of 1-by-6s to the back of the bench with screws to give yourself a good support. If you are worried about the stability of the bench, you can substitute the 1-by-6 for a 2-by-6.

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