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A step stool is a handy device for any kitchen. It can also be used for small children who can't quite reach the sinks or drawers. Step stools are fairly easy to build, and when built well, can last for a very long time.

Creating a Plan

Figure out how tall you want the step stool to be. A good rule of thumb is that the top of the stool should be no higher than the child's knee. You may, however, make it a little taller to account for the child's later growth. Measure out the sides of the step stool first, to make sure the height is correct. Cut two more pieces of the same size to serve as bases. Measure the steps, which should be a little wider than the child's foot. The number of steps may depend on the age of the child. One step is perfect for a 3-year-old, while two are acceptable for a 4- or 5- year-old. Any wood will do for this project.

Putting it Together

According to, you should use a jigsaw to cut the pieces of the step stool. Hold the base upright, and vertically attach a side piece to it in the shape of an L. Repeat with the other side and base pieces. Screws may work better than nails, because if the fasteners begin to wear through, the child will not hurt himself on a sharp implement. Drill holes in the steps for the screws. Holding the L shapes up, attach the steps to the centers and tops of the Ls.

Finishing Touches

According to, you should sink the screws into the wood, then add wood filler. Sand the step stool once the wood filler is dry and give it a few good coats of vanish, or allow your child to pick his or her own paint colors. After painting, varnish again and allow it to dry. You can also add braces to the steps and sides to keep them from twisting out of line. With this step stool, your child will be able to perform simple tasks, such as brushing her teeth, washing his hands or putting her dishes in the sink.

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