How to Make a Flower Bed Against an Old Stone Wall


An old stone wall can add a dramatic backdrop to a vibrant flower garden. The wall acts as a canvas to build upon. A few extra elements can make the flower bed against an old stone wall a quiet retreat. Color choice is not as important as lighting requirements when it comes to the plants selected for this quaint country garden.

Step 1

Calculate how much sun the area in front of the stone wall is exposed to on a daily basis. This will let you know what kind of plants and flowers are more suitable for the garden.

Step 2

Choose flowers and plants according to height and sunlight requirements. There are a wide range of perennials that can be planted in the flower bed that require little sunlight. Hostas are a good example. For color, look at the ever-popular day lily.

Step 3

Remove any sod, weeds or other debris from in front of the stone wall. The area should be at least 4 feet from the wall to the front of the garden border. This allows for the plants to spread and grow properly.

Step 4

Cover the garden area with black plastic or weed cloth. The addition of the plastic keeps the weeds to a minimum. This means the flower bed will need to be tended less. Also, the plastic acts as a moisture barrier. The ground will retain water better under the plastic.

Step 5

Cut small "X" shapes in the plastic where the flowers and plants are to be planted. Place the plants in the marked spots before taking them out of the containers. This allows you to visualize how the flower bed will look as it develops and blooms.

Step 6

Remove the plants from the containers and put them in their permanent place in the flower bed. Make sure to water the new plants thoroughly. It is best to plant either first thing in the morning. The plants have a chance to get used to the environment and have the roots warmed by the heat of the day.

Step 7

Cover the flower bed area with mulch if desired. Adding some loose stones that match the wall will add dimension and interest to the garden.

Step 8

Water regularly. Prune any dead flower heads from the plants. This promotes more flowering.

Tips and Warnings

  • Plants should always be safe for the environment in which they are planted. Lily of the valley is a very poisonous plant that should be avoided in areas with children.

Things You'll Need

  • Black plastic or weed barrier
  • Variety of plants of different heights
  • Mulch (if desired)
  • Cobblestones or other natural edging material

Who Can Help

  • How to plant a garden in a rock wall
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