Gorean Plants for Healing


Gor is a fictitious world created by John Norman in a series of 26 novels. On this counter-Earth, there are references to herbs that the Caste of Physicians use to treat various medical conditions. The Gorean healing plants are similar to plants on Earth.

Brak Brush

Similar to the Earth herb senna, brak brush is a purgative herb. It is used as a laxative and for systemic cleaning. It is chewed or made into a tea. Bundled and tied over a doorway it is also used to ward off bad luck. A reference to its use can be found in "Assassin of Gor," Book 5, on page 211.


Kanda has narcotic properties similar to that of the coca plant found on Earth. The leaves can be rolled and sucked or chewed safely. The roots contain a potent poison that is used on the tips of weapons or placed into drinking water. There are references to its use in Book 3, "Priest Kings of Gor," page 24 and in Book 4, "Nomads of Gor," page 43.

Sip Root

Sip root is the key ingredient in Gorean contraception. It is used in slave wine which slave girls are required to drink once every year or two to prevent pregnancy. There is no known reliable herbal contraceptive method on Earth. Sip root is referred to in "Blood Brothers of Gor," Book 18, on pages 125 and 319.


Teslik is the opposite of sip root and is the ingredient in "breeding wine," which is given to slave girls when they are to be used for breeding. Teslik is mentioned in Book 18 on page 320; however, what part of the plant that is used has not been referenced in the novels. There are herbs found on Earth that have similar properties for increasing a woman's fertility.

Bazi Tea

Bazi tea is similar to green tea found on Earth, though the healing properties are not similar. It is said to act as a stimulant, a fever reducer and as an anti-inflammatory. It is referenced in Book 10, "Tribesman of Gor," on page 38.

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