What Are Some Different Kinds of Japanese Plants?


Japanese plants have evolved from traditional uses and poetic inspirations, such as the bonsai and azaleas, to become worldwide species used in various design themes and gardens. The Japanese climate and habitats are similar to that of other countries with cooler northern temperatures and hotter southern degrees, therefore many native Japanese plants are quite common in many countries.

Gardening Plants

There are many different kinds of Japanese plants used in gardening, although gardeners often use only a few varieties, keeping the garden natural and balanced, mimicking nature's own placement and growth. Gardeners use such plants as irises; azaleas; wispy grasses such as Japanese silver grass, snowline and Evergold species; and white day lilies.

Popular Japanese Trees

The Japanese use trees and shrubs in their landscaping. The most popular are flowering trees such as cherry, plum, quince and wisteria, but gardeners also enjoy the shade-giving maples. The Japanese use many evergreen species such as junipers and pines to create a four-season garden. Wild Japanese orchids are often found growing under many of these trees.


Bamboo is a popular Japanese plant. The evergreen bamboo grows quickly in its tropical and subtropical habitats and is in many elements of Japanese design, including construction and crafts. Bamboo shoots from the plant varieties are a food source for Japanese people.


Used in Japanese gardens and shade areas to provide ground coverage, moss is a durable and easy plant to grow.

Aquatic Plants

Water is an important element in Japanese design, and therefore special attention is given to the different kinds of Japanese aquatic plants. Water lilies and lotus flowers are common Japanese plants.


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