Native Plants in Singapore

Singapore is a tropical group of 64 islands, including one main island where most inhabitants live. Home to rare animals such as the flying fox and a stay-over shelter for thousands of migrating birds, Singapore also harbors more than 3,000 species of tropical and subtropical plants. Among them are more than 250 species of palms.

Crape Jasmine

Crape jasmine, or Tabernaemontana divaricata, is a tropical variety of jasmine native to India and its outlying islands, including Singapore. This fragrant plant has deep green foliage and white pinwheel-shaped flowers, earning it the name pinwheel flower. This flower is used to treat fever, pain, dysentery and heart disease.

Golden Shower

The golden shower, or Oncidium sphacelatum, is an orchid with long branches and small yellow flowers. Native to many tropical climates, including Singapore and Central and South America, it is known to grow in the notches and crevices of trees. The scientific name for this plant translates to "swelling death." This plant was associated with funerals by many natives because of its dark red stripes, which natives associated with blood.

Helliconia Flower

The Helliconia, or lobster-claw flower, is a stunning and rare plant. The plant's bracts or flower heads tuck the flower's nectar deep into the petals, making it possible for only specialized birds such as hummingbirds to feed on it. This flower earned its name after Mount Helicon, which was the legendary seat of the muses in Greek mythology.

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