Kinds of Hawaiian Flowers

Kinds of Hawaiian Flowers image by cogdogblog:, Conrado:, KayEssl:, Tanaka Juuyoh:, sb616:, Aphaia:, Jayen466:
Kinds of Hawaiian Flowers image by cogdogblog:, Conrado:, KayEssl:, Tanaka Juuyoh:, sb616:, Aphaia:, Jayen466:


The Hawaiian Islands are famous for their diverse array of colorful tropical flowers, but being able to identify them properly may be less common among non-natives.

The hibiscus brackenridgei, or yellow hibiscus, Hawaii's official state flower


The hibiscus is one of the most iconic Hawaiian flowers, with its large round petals, prominent stamen, and many vibrant colors. The hibiscus is native to the islands, and the yellow variety is the state's official flower.

Plumeria is always a popular choice for making leis


The plumeria is a medium-sized, sweet-smelling blossom that is one of the most common flowers used in lei-making. White, yellow and pink are common plumeria colors.

A vibrant red anthurium, or anthurium andraeanum


The anthurium, a relative of the calla lily, is a heart-shaped flower with an unusual, waxy texture that makes it very resilient, even after being cut.

Protea neriifolia, or protea, is one of Hawaii's most unusual flowers


Defying the stereotype of the small, delicate Hawaiian flower, the protea is a large, bell-shaped bloom with numerous feather-like petals. Mauve and pink proteas are common, with dark or even black petal-tips. Proteas are easily dried and preserved.

Strelitzia reginae, the bird of paradise, is an international symbol of natural Hawaiian beauty

Bird of Paradise

Named for its beak-like shape and colorful crown of blue and gold petals, the bird of paradise is a Hawaiian icon, in spite of its likely origin in Africa.

A bright pink alpinia purpurata, or ginger flower


Like the anthurium, ginger is a hardy, long-lasting flower. Ginger flowers are typically shaped a little like pine cones, featuring short, radial petals. Though there are many varieties, pink and red gingers are the most well known.


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