Moroccan Finger Foods

Moroccan cuisine represents a dazzling mix of cultures and creativity that comes together in grand fare such as the chicken- or pigeon-stuffed pie called pastilla, stews of lamb or chicken known as tajines or fresh fish made fiery with harissa. Finger foods, as snacks or part of a main meal, are very popular in Morocco and include many of the country's signature foods.


The streets of Moroccan cities are permeated by the aromas of vendors cooking for hungry passersby. Charcoal-grilled lamb and liver kebabs are omnipresent and eaten on their own or tucked into bread for a makeshift sandwich. The meat is skewered and seasoned simply, with olive oil, cumin and parsley.


Chickpeas are mainstays of North African cuisine, and are used in soups, salads and snacks. A popular snack brings hot chickpeas together with a dusting of cumin and salt, served nestled in a paper cone.


Plain or marinated olives are quintessential Moroccan finger food. A bowl of cured green, black or purple olives is one of several offerings that precede a Moroccan meal.


Brik is a Tunisian delicacy that's also widely popular in Morocco. These savory fried pastries are filled with various meats and seasonings. Just before cooking, an egg is added and enclosed in the flaky pastry. The brik is then fried golden, with the egg just lightly cooked and yolk serving as sauce.


What chorizo is to Mexican cuisine, merguez is to Morrocan. This spicy lamb sausage is typically grilled and served on bread with peppers and onions or cut into appetizer-sized bits, mixed with the vegetables and served in a bowl.


More than 30 varieties of dates are grown and harvested in Morocco. These chewy morsels are often served with a platter of other fruits such as oranges and figs.

Camel Meatballs

Adventurous eaters can explore local delicacies such as camel meatballs, a common dish served throughout Moroccan markets, usually grilled and accompanied with bread.

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