Snack Finger Foods for Kids

Bring a little bit of life to your child's after school and mid-day snack by introducing him to a variety of foods he can grab and run with. Prepared ahead of time, finger foods are a healthy alternative to the frozen junk food he may normally consume.


Keep kids hydrated with cool watermelon skewers that are kept chilled on ice; don't freeze them or you will change the texture of the fruit. Sandwich a thin layer of cream cheese between apple slices for something a little different. Baggies filled with grapes, cheese cubes and yogurt covered raisins are also low maintenance finger foods that kids love.


Roll deli-sliced chicken and cheese inside of a lettuce wrapper for a light, but filling snack. Fill spinach wrappers with chicken salad; they will never know that they are eating more than a green sandwich. Or for a fancy snack, bake small pastry cups and fill them with a thin layer of cheese, mashed potatoes and a small piece of chicken breast.


Slice cucumbers in half and scrape out the seeds before filling with a tuna salad, for a refreshing snack. Or try putting grape tomatoes and small mozzarella balls that have been seasoned with sea salt and pepper on decorative toothpicks. Finally, you can make zucchini bread and bake it in small muffin bite sizes for a no frills finger food.


Mini cheeseburgers are an easy way to feed children small amounts of red meat. For more of a bite, try cutting steak into thin slices and placing on top of apricot smeared toast.


Freeze whole blueberries and lemonade to make ice cubes for a cold snack. Those who prefer baked goods may want to try making miniature jam filled cupcakes or cake pops. Cake pops come from mixing crumbled cake and frosting, rolling the mixture into a ball and inserting the ball onto a stick.


String cheese and yogurt covered pretzels are items you can buy from the store ready to eat. For something a little more exciting, stuff a thin block of cheddar into a rigatoni noodle. Wet and dry batter the cheese stuffed noodle before freezing for 10 minutes. Fry it for a new twist on mac-n-cheese.

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