How to Use an Orange Peeler


The fruit of an orange is made up of several juice sacs within larger sacs. Because the fruit is delicate, penetrating and removing the tough exterior skin of the orange can be challenging. People who try to peel oranges with their fingers quickly find themselves in a sticky and messy situation. Orange peelers allow the skin to be quickly and easily peeled without damaging the fruit. They have a scoring tool to penetrate the skin at one end and a slightly curved tool to help separate the fruit from the skin at the other.

Step 1

Use the hook (the scorer) of the peeler to make a slit from the stem end down to the other end.

Step 2

Turn the orange a quarter-turn, and repeat until there are four evenly spaced slits running down the orange.

Step 3

Run the curved end of the peeler underneath the skin through one of the slits, push down until the skin is separated from the flesh, and pull away the skin.

Step 4

Repeat until the orange is peeled.

Tips and Warnings

  • It is possible to cut yourself with an orange peeler even though it is made out of plastic. Exercise caution.



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