Top Ten Snack Foods for Teenagers

Snacking between meals can give you the energy that you need to make it through the day. You do need to be sure that you are snacking on the right foods, though. If you come home from school and dive into a bag of chips or get a candy bar out of the vending machine at school, you're eating snacks that has little nutritional value and which may make you feel hungrier later.


Edamame, or soy beans, are a high protein vegetable snack. They come in pods, but you only eat the beans inside. You'll usually find them in the freezer section. If you put them in your lunch bag in the morning, they'll be thawed by the afternoon. You also can put them in the microwave for a minute or two if you prefer them warm.

Whole Grain Crackers and Cheese

The complex carbohydrates in the crackers and the protein in the cheese will keep you satisfied longer. Measure out a serving and if you are going to keep it in your locker, be sure to use a bag that keeps things cold, as cheese can go bad if it gets warm.

Apples with Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a filling item because it contains both fat and protein. When you pair it with high-fiber apples, you've got yourself a healthy and filling snack. Measure the peanut butter because it is a calorie-dense food.


A smoothie can satisfy your sweet tooth. If you want something fruity, try blending orange juice with some berries. Alternatively, use chocolate soy milk as a base and blend it with a banana and strawberries for a milkshake-like treat.


Hummus is a spreadable dip made from garbanzo beans, also known as chickpeas, and it comes in many flavors. It's delicious when you want a savory treat. You can spread it on a whole wheat pita or you can dip baby carrots into it.


Sandwiches are portable and filling. Use a 100% whole grain bread to make your sandwich and add deli meats or cheese. Hummus is a nice substitute for high-calorie mayonnaise. If you'll be making it at home, you can add tomatoes, but those can make the bread soggy if it will be sitting in your bag.


When you need a crunchy snack, turn to popcorn. It's high in fiber and, depending on how you make it, low in fat. Don't use microwave popcorn, which is high in chemicals. Instead, use an air popper or pop it on the stove. Add a bit of butter or other toppings if you like.


Nuts are a filling snack that are high in protein, but also high in fat. Monitor your intake. A handful is about one serving.

Frozen Treats

Make frozen treats with your smoothie leftovers. You also can freeze bananas and then throw them in a blender for an ice cream-like texture. You can occasionally enjoy ice cream, just watch your portion size.

Trail Mix

Trail mix can contain granola, nuts, dried fruits and sometimes a little bit of chocolate. This is a complex blend of all the nutrition that you need, which makes it a smart choice for eating on-the-go.

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