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Chewable breath mints and breath-freshening candy are plentiful in the supermarket checkout lane. The abundance of those confections are due largely to the original "freshmaker," Mentos, that candy with the catchy jingle, cheesy commercials and varying tastes. What most consumers don't realize is just how far that variation goes. When Mentos first hit the shelves, the scope of flavors was limited, but today, this is far from true.


Mentos aren't just Mentos anymore. The original product, Mentos Chewy Mints, is still the best-known and most popular variety. In addition to the Chewy Mints, there is the sugar free variety, called simply "Mentos Sugarfree," and Mentos Gum, which is also sugar free. Outside the United States, there are far more products as featured on the Mentos website, like Mini Mentos, Mentos Cube Gum and Mentos Ice Gum.

Chewy Mints

According to the Mentos website, in the United States, Mentos Chewy Mints come in five varieties: the original two varieties (mint and fruit), two fruit flavors (strawberry and green apple) and cinnamon.

Chewy Mints Worldwide

In other countries, Mentos Chewy Mints go far beyond those fruit, mint and cinnamon flavors. Australia, a popular destination for Mentos, adds Berry Blast, Spearmint, Tropical Mint and Strong Mint. In Greece, where Chewy Mints are called Chewy Dragees, Melon is added to the mix.

The Netherlands

Mentos originated in the Netherlands, and so the number of Mentos varieties is no surprise. The Chewy Dragees come in nine varieties: Mint, Fruit, Cola, Drop (black licorice), Strawberry Yogurt, Air Action, the Special Mix (featuring selections from the fruit and rainbow mixes), Watermelon, Mango and Orange Mix and the Rainbow mix. Beyond that, there are dessert mints, peppermints and sugar free mixes.

Where to Buy

Any given grocery store or supermarket has Mentos somewhere on the sales racks. If you're looking for the international varieties, online wholesalers like are your best bet, other than traveling to the Netherlands.

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