Easy to Make Snacks for Kids


A late dinner, traveling long distances or just coming home from school are all times when kids are asking for a snack. Planning a nutritious, easy to fix snack that kids enjoy will keep everyone in good humor . These snack ideas are healthy, enjoyable to eat and simple enough that kids can be a part of the preparations.

Tortilla Roll-Ups

Tortilla roll-ups make a tasty snack with little preparation. Spread a layer of cream cheese over the tortilla. Top the cream cheese with a layer of thin cut ham or lunch meat. Add another thin layer of cream cheese. Some children enjoy chopped broccoli sprinkled across the cream cheese. Roll the tortilla into a roll and then slice it into 1/3 inch spirals. These snacks may be packed in plastic bags for travel snacks or arranged attractively on a plate for an after school snack at home.

Mini Monkey Sandwiches

Mini monkey sandwiches are a hit with any age. Start with two pieces of bread. If your child does not like the crust, cut it off. Spread one piece of bread with a layer of peanut butter. On the other piece of bread spread a light layer of chocolate hazelnut spread. Add thinly sliced pieces of banana between the two pieces of bread. Cut the bread into four triangles, four squares or four rectangles. Your child will enjoy the variety of shapes as well as the flavor of mini monkey sandwiches.

Jicama and Dip

Jicama is a vegetable that is low calorie and high in vitamin C and fiber. Kids who like to eat dipped vegetables will really enjoy dipping jicama in a variety of tasty dips. Use a knife to peel the brown peeling from the jicama. Then cut the jicama into sticks about the size of french fries, or make the jicama into round thin chips. Kids love dipping the jicama sticks or chips into different dips. Ranch dressing is always a favorite for dipping. Jicama can be dipped into flavored humus or cheese dips. Older kids, who like to eat Flaming Hot Cheetos will love squeezing a bit of lime on the chips and then lightly sprinkling the jicama chips with chili powder.

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