Pottery Painting Ideas


By using a variety of painting techniques, finishing a piece of pottery can be very rewarding. Using different techniques and styles, you can achieve a variety of designs. They can be used singly or by combining the painting styles. Supplies can be purchased at local pottery stores or purchased online.

Wax Resist

Wax resist is commonly used on the bottom of the pottery for protecting the piece from sticking to the kiln shelf. It also can be used for creating simple to complex designs on the pottery. Using wax resist in decorating your pottery is a unique way to personalize the pottery. Wax resist can be applied to the unglazed pottery with a brush. Once the design is applied and the wax has dried, the pottery is then glazed with the desired color. The glaze will not adhere to the wax, thus leaving the body of the pottery exposed once the glaze has been fired. The wax resist also can be applied to a dried base glaze, then apply another color of glaze over the entire pottery or parts of the pottery.


Stencils are a great way to apply a design to pottery. The design can be a simple pattern to a more complex design. The stencil can be applied to the unglazed pottery and then painted in with glaze with smaller brushes. The stencil can also be used on a layer of the dried glazed and another glaze applied. The possibilities are endless.


Sponges can be used to apply glaze to a piece of pottery. Using different types of sponges will give the pottery different textures. Cut sponges into different shapes and then dip into the glaze. The sponge is then used like a stamp on the pottery. Using a silk sponge, which is a natural sponge, will give a finer texture and is great for stippling. Commercial stamps will also work for applying designs to the pottery. Once the design has been applied and dried, enhance the design by outlining it with a liner brush. Black glaze works well for outlining the design.

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