How to Place Pictures on Coffee Mugs


Placing a picture on a coffee mug can be a nice customized gift---especially for coffee and hot tea drinkers. There are numerous websites devoted to placing pictures on coffee mugs in a few easy steps. It's a custom gift that can be delivered to your door or straight to the gift recipient.

Step 1

Visit a website that produces personalized coffee mugs, such as or

Step 2

Choose the style and color of the coffee mug to which you want to add a photo.

Step 3

Customize your mug. Customization instructions vary by website, so follow the step-by-step instructions to choose colors, add text and pick design features for the coffee mug.

Step 4

Upload the photo or photos you want to add to the coffee mug. The website you choose will take you through steps to crop the photo and adjust it to fit on the space allowed on the coffee mug.

Step 5

Place your order.

Things You'll Need

  • Picture


  • Zazzle
  • CafePress
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