Ceramic Glaze Painting Techniques

Pottery image by Ken Price


Glazing your ceramic piece can be achieved with a variety of painting techniques,from simple to detailed. You can purchase glazes at local ceramic stores and online. There are a variety of special glazes on the market that can give you the look that you are trying to achieve.


Use a stencil, which you may find at retail outlets or online, to add detail to a dried basecoat of glaze. Once the stencil has been applied, you can opt to outline the design with another color glaze to give added depth. This can be done with a fine liner brush or a squeeze bottle with a fine tip. You can also cut sponges to enhance your project. Textured sponges are can add extra variety to your stencil design.


Painting your ceramic piece is the common way to apply glaze. This can be done with an overall coat of glaze applied with a large brush. Three layers of glaze are applied, each layer being allowed to dry before the next coat is applied. The piece is then fired in a kiln. You can find glazes that will give you mottled effects, crackle designs and different textures.


Stains, applied to a fired piece of ceramic called bisque, can give the piece added depth. The stain is applied all over and then wiped back with a soft cloth, leaving the stain behind in the cracks and cervices, giving the piece an antique look. A coat of sealer can be applied afterwards.

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Photo by: Ken Price

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