How to Make Japanese Tea Pots Out of Clay

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Tea is a major part of Japanese culture. It originated in the 15th century, when tea was used for ceremonial purposes. Teapots are viewed with cultural importance, and often feature intricate details.

Step 1

Design your teapot. Japanese teapots range from simple kyusu styles to more ornamental ancient Japanese designs. Create a blueprint or sketch of your teapot. Consider incorporating Japanese elements, such as bamboo handles and cherry blossom designs.

Step 2

Mold the teapot on a pottery wheel. Use shudei clay, a clay that's fortified with iron ore. As you mold the body of the pot, pay attention to the size of your molding. Japanese teapots are smaller in size than Western-made tea pots. Mold the parts. Japanese teapots have thick handles and a tapered spout. Attach the parts to the body of the pot with additional clay.

Step 3

Decorate your teapot. Inherently Japanese designs include simple lines and gradual changes of hue. Use natural colors, such as reddish brown and other earthy colors. Decorate your Japanese teapot with Japanese characters or natural elements, such as leaves and flowers. Use kitchen tools like knives and graters to carve your teapot. Japanese decals are also available in art stores.

Step 4

Add pottery glaze to finish the teapot. This will allow the design to settle and give your teapot a finished look. Let the teapot dry completely.

Things You'll Need

  • Pottery wheel
  • Shudei clay
  • Decorating tools
  • Decals and PermEnamel paint
  • Pottery glaze

Who Can Help

  • History of Teapots
  • Japanese Tea Ceremony
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Photo by: Royalty-free image by saine

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