Instructions for Using a Spinning Jenny for Wire Fencing


A spinning jenny is a useful tool when stringing fence. It allows for the easy placement of wire along fence lines that can then be tightened and attached to posts as necessary. The spinning jenny can be used with most single-strand wires such as electric fence wire, high-tensile wire or even barbed wire. It is not used for multistrand wires such as woven wire or poultry netting. Commercial spinning jennies are available, but the tool is often built in farm shops.

The Spinning Jenny

A spinning jenny is a spool that holds the wire and rotates around a shaft. The spinning jenny assembly can be mounted on a small tractor or all-terrain vehicle. The higher quality spinning jennies have a hand brake that allows the operator to control the momentum of the device as the vehicle is stopped to prevent too much wire from being dispensed.

Instructions for the Spinning Jenny

Like most fencing projects, stringing wire with a spinning Jenny starts at a corner post. Anchor the wire firmly to the post at the height the wire will be placed along the run of the posts. Drive the vehicle with the spinning Jenny attached down the fence line. The spinning Jenny will unroll the wire as the vehicle moves down the fence line. Apply the brakes of the spinning Jenny as the next corner post is approached. This prevents the momentum of the reel from unwinding excess wire.

Finishing the Fence

Attach a fence stretcher to the corner post you have just reached with the spinning Jenny and pull the wire as tight as practical for the type of fence installed. Once the wire is tightened, the wire can be fastened to the fence posts along the line. The spinning Jenny can then be used to string another strand of wire, either along the same stretch of fence for multi-strand fences or along another portion of the enclosure.

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