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Small outdoor fountains and pools can be created using plastic containers or old bird baths, making them very economical. Containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can create your own design for outdoor spaces in any shape. For small spaces, nestle them on a patio or in your garden. Add colorful aquatic plants to the container for a beautiful water fountain.

Design Ideas

Create a small fountain using an old birdbath, which can be placed against one wall of your patio or porch or in a small garden. Attach the pump to the side of the bath to circulate the water and attract birds and wildlife. In the summer, the water feature will attract insects such as butterflies. Drill a hole in a stack of rocks to create a water fountain. Simply thread the tube attached at one end of the pump through the hole in the rocks with the spout shooting out of the rocks. Turn on the pump and you have a rustic and natural water feature. Over time, the rocks will weather and you'll have a beautiful coating of green moss. Create a water feature using a small plastic plant container. Economical and weatherproof, plastic containers can be situated around a small space. Place your pot in the desired location and add water until it's three-quarters full. Plug the pump into the electrical outlet and allow the water to circulate one hour until the temperature is constant. Add colorful floating aquatic plants to a water feature. Add water lilies and hyacinths to the container or use creeping plants like water mint, which will spill over a bird bath for a lush design. Place rocks and other decorative elements around the feature for a layered look. Polished stones will glisten in a fountain and come in a variety of shapes and colors. You can also add polished recycled glass or large pieces of beads to the bottom of the feature for more color.


Before beginning your project, choose a spot for your water feature that receives between four and six hours of sunlight per day and is near an electrical outlet. Make sure the ground is level using a carpenter's level; this will prevent spills and potential hazards. Consider building a water fountain inside a container that can easily be moved and situated in a small space. If you move, you can take the water feature with you. Using plastic containers is ideal because they are long-lasting and watertight. If you choose to use an old pot or porous container like terracotta, you'll need to apply a layer of silicone caulk to seal up the bottom of the pot so it's watertight. Another essential must to an outdoor water fountain is making sure the outlet has a ground fault interrupter circuit, a type of outlet designed to prevent an electrocution hazard when water and electricity are close to each other.

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