How to Install a Convertible Jet Pump


Installing a convertible jet pump is an extremely challenging task to complete and should only be attempted with prior knowledge of the drilling industry and process. The equipment is very expensive and can cost thousands of dollars to repair if it is damaged during installation or use. While the task is very challenging, it can be done with proper instruction and guidelines.

Step 1

Install a foot valve to the first section of the pipe provided with the jet pump. Once the foot valve has been securely attached to the pipe, slowly lower it into the well.

Step 2

Add pipe continuously until the foot valve is approximately 5 feet below the lowest water level predicted for that hole. If the foot valve gets too close to the ground (within 18 inches), sand or gravel can be drawn into the system and can cause the equipment to malfunction.

Step 3

Install a well seal after you have reached the desired depth to support the piping system and to prevent surface water from forming and from any other objects contaminating the dig site.

Step 4

Angle the horizontal pipe downward towards the pipe to eliminate trapping air and to help aid in priming the pipe for use. Secure the pump in place in its permanent location (ideally within 5 feet of the dig site) to minimize vibrations from the pump during operation.

Things You'll Need

  • Convertible jet pump
  • Installation parts (included with drill)


  • DuroJet Convertible Jet Pumps
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