How to Use Planted Pots for Doorway Decoration

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Few elements can add to the drama of a doorway framed by an impressive plant in an attractive container. When possible, you should select one that looks good for a long period and supplement with seasonal plants. The doorway is the perfect place for a clipped bay in an ornate pot or Versailles tub, or an attractive bamboo in an Oriental-style container.

Step 1

Select pots that accent the style and color of your home. A traditional home can be accented with time-honored planter materials like white-washed wood, stone, or metal. A more contemporary home may make brightly colored containers appealing.

Step 2

Supplement with seasonal plants. If you have chosen imposing plants to go by the front door, supplement them with a group of smaller containers that add seasonal color, and perhaps scent. Don't be afraid to move pots around to maintain interest.

Step 3

Select formal shrubs in traditional stone containers. If space really is limited and the rest of the garden has a formal style, a couple of clipped or trained evergreens can look elegant throughout the year when potted in stone or faux stone planters. Formally clipped boxwood shrubs can be expensive to buy, but with patience you can train your own, and they are ideal for a formal stone planter.

Step 4

Choose conifers for year-round beauty. Clipped bays are good, but in cold areas are likely to suffer from damaged leaves in winter, but many conifers have a naturally formal outline and remain attractive throughout the year with minimal attention.

Step 5

Clip shrubs into topiary shapes. Most shrubs can be bought clipped into topiary shapes, and though expensive to buy will add instant impact. You can easily buy a box plant and clip it into a ball or pyramid shape over the course of a couple of years, if you are happy with a simple geometric shape.

Step 6

Plant small containers in the doorway for scent. Scent always arouses comment from visitors to the door. Keep a small lilac in a tub or grow pots of hyacinths and move them to the front door as they come into flower to add a heady perfume. In winter you will have to rely on hyacinths and in spring follow these with lilac.

Step 7

Frame the doorway with a climber. A climber round the door always looks attractive, and you can usually erect a trellis for support. If there is a choice, plant directly into the ground, but if that is not possible, pot a climber in a tub. Large-flowered clematis will do well, and even a honeysuckle. You can try a climbing or rambling rose, but these are more demanding in pots.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid using plants that produce berries with alot of juice. They may stain or even make the walkway slippery.

Things You'll Need

  • Containers
  • Plants
  • Doorway
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