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A greenhouse is a useful tool for gardeners wanting to grow year round and continue producing their plants and fruit. Having a small greenhouse for a balcony can be beneficial for people who live in apartments or have undersized backyards. A balcony greenhouse can be used to grow vegetables, vine fruits and various plants like hostas, mums and roses.

Wall construction

Build your walls separately and then drill them together. Each wall will have a basic frame of four 6-foot 2-by-4 boards drilled together to create a square. Place two additional 6-foot-by-4 boards at 2 feet into each side to support the walls. The front wall, where the door will be, should have the supporting boards at 1 foot within the sides. This will leave room for a 3-foot-wide door. After all four walls are constructed, you will need a couple assistants to help hold them up until they are screwed together. Drill the walls together using 1-inch screws, two per corner.

Door Frame and Roofing

Finish out the door frame by placing a 3-foot 2-by-4 at the 7-foot mark of the 2-by-4 boards supporting the front wall. Screw this 2-by-4 horizontally, connecting the two supporting boards. The screen door, 7 feet by 3 feet, will fit into the frame and can be fastened to the wood with screws now. Place a 3-foot-by-6-foot trussle over your wall frame, securing it by screwing down 1-inch-long screws every 3 inches.

Plastic covering

Place 6mil plastic sheeting around the walls and over the trussle. Begin at a corner, using a staple gun to secure the plastic. Make your way all around the greenhouse, stapling the plastic to each stud. Staple along the wood every 4 inches, pulling it tight for a snug fit. Go up and over the trussle and along the sides, stapling at each 4-inch mark.

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