How to Decorate a Tent for an Evening Garden Party


Outdoor party tents are often used for upscale celebrations, such as weddings, anniversary parties or formal garden parties, and occasionally at large children's parties or school events. A tent used at an evening garden party will be nothing more than a dark and dreary hole if it's not decorated properly. Create a beautifully lit and decorated area under your tent and use it in any number of ways, from a seating area for a formal meal to a gathering place to share conversation and cocktails.

Step 1

Hang flower swags on the inside of the tent's ceiling. Fasten them with floral wire in the center of the tent ceiling, then bring them out to each corner. To make your own swags, purchase long silk vines and attach fresh or silk flowers to them with floral wire.

Step 2

Light up the tent. Proper lighting is not only important for ambiance, but also for safety reasons, since the tent is being used at an evening garden party. Wrap white lights around the poles of the tent and hang lit paper lanterns (battery powered) from fishing line from the ceiling of the tent (in between the flower swags) so they seem to float over the guests.

Step 3

Gather tulle over the tent poles. The white lights will shine through the tulle, creating a romantic look. Fasten the tulle at the top, middle and bottom of the tent poles with silk flower bouquets and floral wire, letting the material bunch up in the middle. Or tie the tulle with a simple ribbon for a less expensive but no less beautiful effect.

Step 4

Fill the tent with flowers. A garden party, after all, should have lots of flowers. To create a centerpiece for the inside of your tent, set floating flowers in a bird bath and surround it with potted flowering plants and a few more lit paper lanterns. You could also put this in the front of your tent, depending on how you are using the tent.

Things You'll Need

  • Silk vines
  • Silk or real flowers
  • Floral wire
  • Paper lanterns (battery powered)
  • Fishing line
  • White strands of lights
  • Tulle
  • Birdbath
  • Potted flowering plants


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